My Adult Baby

My story began three years ago when I met the most wonderful man. Well, I thought he was a man but in reality he was the baby I'd always wanted. I never knew how much I would love being his mommy. At our first night out, he told me that he wanted to tell me something but he didn't know where to start. Finally, after a few hours he finally got the courage to tell me he was an adult baby. I had no idea what that would entail but I wanted to find out. It has been a fantastic experience for both of us. He finally has someone he can totally be himself with and I have a baby to love. We have never been so happy. He's my little baby and I'm his one and only mommy. Knowing how hard it was for him to tell me makes me sad for all the other babies out there that don't have someone to love and care for them. I just wish there were more mommies and babies that could find each other. Sights like this one and others have helped some but not all. There is also room for daddies as well. For all you babies out there don't give up hope. You will find someone, my baby did. I am so happy we found eachother.
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you seam like a nice gal, but you cant be real. just another guy pretending, but its ok what ever makes you happy

There is hope for all you babies in need of mommies. I am a mommy/wife , I have been married to my AB husband for almost 10 years. I have always accepted my husband as an AB but for the most part I did not partake in the AB / mommy lifestyle/ play. UNTIL NOW. It took years to "turn me" as my AB husband puts it , but now I have become a true mommy / wife & look forward to the time shared with my baby while I'm being mommy. I'm looking forward to the future & getting a new house where we can build a nursery but the most exciting thing that is happening r now is that after only 3 weeks of stimulation & some herbal supplements I have begun to lactate & I will now be able to breastfeed my AB ! I write this in hopes & to give u hope that if you keep trying to make your spouse understand that maybe one day they will & that u will be able to have the most special , sacred bond that any marriage can have. That of the AB / mommy bond. There have got to be more mommys to be out there. Surely I am not the only one. ABs keep working on your mommys to be. They just might " TURN"when u least expect it. I write this with my AB in mind. I'm sure its time for a diaper change.

I have a few questions? I met an adult baby 7 months ago..and he will not touch me sexually normal? I ask him why he stated I'm a bad mommy..and laughs. I really like the mommy thing..but I have needs as well.can you help me?

im 14 and i want to find a girlfriend who i can tell my secrets to and i can listen to hers. If i was in a relationship with somone it wouldn't be for sexual pleasure it would be for love because im a sexual meaning im not attracted to either sex but i still want to meet someone who i can wear diapers around.

i see you have a big baby too, them you must know all about the tent poles

hithere am also adult baby hi do no what you mean a bout a tent poles is it a joke or some think or are takeihg the **** out off usfor been ababy emial me back i would like to talke to you about it well all the best from baby glenco2

loved the glimps into your life, thank you for that,been looking so so long i have given up, now in my 50s going bald overweight and extreamly shy ,my bedwetting has turned into day accidents, wen nervose or scared .