Disciplinarian To Change Your Life.

I am here to do what I need to do to help you. I am a successful Disciplinarian and have worked only with women for 40 years. I do use good spankings as part of their consequences and am serious about the Disciplining. However part of your punishment as you would be subject to my corney jokes.

Are you having trouble focusing on things which need to be done? Do you lack motivation or procrastinate on getting things done? Do you have a bad attitude which causes conflicts?

Do you need a Disciplinarian who really cares?....I am here

I am very serious and grow more serious as time goes by. I expect you to do the same. If you don't want to change then don't bother contacting me.

When we work together, I focus up on you and what you need and do. We will develop a program of rules, structure, and boundires to follow. But it doesn't stop there, I care about you , what you are doing, and you will be accountable to me. We work on these problems so that you will avoid consequences.

I do not do sex but I do hug. I do use corporal punishment as consequences.

I HOST and expect you to be on time. I host in Columbus, Ohio

Service is Free but I expect total cooperation.
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

Growing up my dad used to spank me. He would take me to the laundry room. Then it was a very short lecture and off came the belt. He always whipped me standing up and over my pants. Don't worry. He did a though job of making sure I learned my lesson. As an adult my wife and I have been together for 23 years. She is a very capable spanker and has taken quite good care of my bottom. A few months ago I had a dream It surprised me and I have never told anyone about it. After seeing your listings I somehow felt comfortable sharing it with you. As I said I am happily Married. I am not gay nor have I ever had any gay tendencies.

In the dream I was a teenager. My friend and I had done something wrong and had gotten caught by this man and woman. All four of us were standing outside talking about it. The decision had been made that my friend and I were to be spanked and they were going to be the ones to spank us. We stood around talking for a while then they looked at each other. The woman grabbed my friend by the arm and said come with me. The man looked at me and said let's go. We wound up in his office. He had a round stool that he put in the center of the room. He surprised me by asking if I would like my spanking with the belt or a paddle. My dad always used his belt on me so I said the paddle. He got he paddle and sat down. I walked over to him and we talked for a while about what I had done wrong and why I needed to be spanked. Then he told me to take my pants down, but to leave my underwear up. This made me feel better because like I said I am not gay and removing my pants in front of another man is disconcerting. I laid across his lap and after getting me positioned he asked if I was comfortable. This surprised me and I said yes. He lowered my underpants and proceeded to paddle me. After a while he let me up and told me to pull up my pants. We talked for a few minutes about the spanking. He asked me if everything was alright. I was nervous, but i said that when you are spanking you should set a box of tissue on the floor, so the person being spanked can dry their eye's and blow their nose, this is something my wife does when she spanks me. He thought about it and nodded his head in agreement. We talked for a few more minutes. Then he got up and went to another room. He came back in holding a box of tissue. He sat back down on the stool and put the box of tissue on the floor to his left. He called me back over to him and told me to take my pants down and to lay across his lap again. He quickly got me back into position again and paddled me a second time. After he let me up and everything was over I felt a lot better. Everything went well and I felt I had been properly spanked. The dream kind of bothered me. I am not gay and have never wanted a man to spank me. My wife spanks me and does a very good job of it. I feel very safe with her. The dream just surprised me. What do you think of it?

Thank you for sharing

You are welcome :)