Looking In The Uk

for a woman that would like her lovely ******* suckled on in the UK.
cardyman cardyman
41-45, M
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

Cant help,but had an odd experience about 10 years ago at a swinger party
My wife slim, quite short, with big 34 DDs.We had been there a couple of hours and my wife had allowed her
top and bra to be removed and lots of guys had played with her ****.
A middle aged guy came up to me and said he'd like to' milk' her.
I explained that she was not lactating.He said it didn't matter,her' udders', were just right.

As she was enjoying all the attention and had a few. to drink, she agreed .
He led her, i was allowed to follow, if i didn't interfere,to a bedroom.He asked her to ***** completely and get on all fours.He got a sponge ,from the sink , poured warm water over it,
******** to his boxers, then wiped between her legs, then her ****.
He then knelt beside her and asked if she was ready to be milked.
She looked sexy, naked, , her big **** hanging down ,in a pendulous manner.
She said yes and with both hands, he squeezed her nipples and began slowly, but steadily,
to pull on them.
This went on for over 10 minutes.He was aroused, his erection poking out from the flap of his boxers.
She had become turned on and he stared to finger her.
He then told her to stay in position, he stood in front of her and ****** her **** till he spurted over them.