Adult Nursing With My Husband

Yesterday my husband and I decided to try Adult Nursing. We were away on vacation together away from the kids, and it came up. The thoughts of him nursing me excited me. We talked about it all day, when we got back to the hotel he sat with me, both breasts exposed, and took the left nipple into his mouth. He gently suckled and I could feel my nipple drawing back into his mouth. I felt the familiar tingling I used to feel when nursing my children, but with an erotic and exciting feeling that was new. I directed him to either suck harder or softer. I stroked his hair....then realizing his erection...I gently stroked it. He suckled for about 5 minutes before switching to the right breast. I felt so close to him and so turned on at the same time. I felt myself getting wet. While he suckled I continued to stroke his erection. And he gently massaged the left breast as he suckled the right. After about 8 minutes, I just had to get his erection in my mouth. Which I love anyway... But this made it so much better. And them he rewarded me with licking me to two very intense *******. The sex that followed was amazing. He suckled me as we made love. The connection I felt was like nothing else! Amazing! When we woke up this morning... I couldn't wait to get him back on my breast. He suckled 5 minutes per breast, and it was amazing. We decided not to act on the erotic feelings this morning. But to relish the emotion. I only hope I can begin lactating again. This will be an exciting journey.

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Moonglow18 Moonglow18
41-45, F
Apr 10, 2013