Caught Naked By Aunt

I was 14 years old when this incident took place.I am an *** liker and my aunt had a perfect round ***.
I used to fascinate about ******* her and ********** thinking her bare *** in my mind.My uncle and Aunt;s house was beside my house and I used to go to my aunts house everyday (in absence of uncle).
One day when I went she was in kitchen and I could see her *** facing me I could control any more , First involved my aunt on certain incident happened and then I used to unzip my pants and started ************ and my bottom was naked .Suddenly she turned around .Seeing me in that position she was shocked and even then i did not stop until I came.
After that I felt so humiliated ,and could not see her face again.
vikramsinhrathod vikramsinhrathod
18-21, M
Sep 13, 2012