To Obey

I heard his stern voice and foot steps coming through the hall way, i knew now i was in trouble , though the feelings stiring in my whole body were warm and wet. I braced myself as i heard the steps getting nearer, I started to fidgit knowing it wouldnt be long before my whole body would crumble under his glare.The tingeling in my throat when he demanded i called him sir and he waved his finger for me to come to him, i must obey even though the little minx in me wants to disobey him right now , I start to take mini foot steps with my head down low towards him,I arrive at his feet and look up into his eyes i know now i want to fulfill his every wish and need to punish me how ever he wishes
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1 Response Sep 15, 2012

the submissive in you has found a dom that she desires.
make your own decision and then ask yourself if this guy is your, "TRUE" Dom.
a submissive woman is a gift. give him your all and never be willing to settle for less than what you deserve..
good luck.