Mommy Ts Seeking Adult Baby To Breastfeed

I am a Lactating Transexual with developing maternal instincts as my breasts start to produce milk, I am seeking a local adult baby to breastfeed and nurture.  Based in Perth West Australia, would love to hear from you if you need a cuddle and to suckle, Male or Female welcome, Rachel xxxastfeed

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46-50, T
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my name is barbara,I'm an adult baby,my parents died and I'm alone,feel like an orphan.I want a mommy that won't judge me,I just want to be cuddled and breastfed.Prefer a woman who's 40 and a lot of milk to satisfy me.Would like her to continue with this with me,I don't want to feel abandoned again.

You ever come to florida I would love to be your baby just to suck on your titts for milk.

to bad we're on opposite side of the world , other wise i would take you up on that offer.

Michael, Thank you, a lovely poem, you can suckle from me anytime my darling, my breasts will always be full, Rachel

Rachael,<br />
You are a dream! Am Trans baby boy. (WarmBear525)<br />
Read my Blog "the First Feeding"<br />
Would love to be cradled and breastfed by you!