Baby Boby

 hello,i am new here.i became a baby again when i had a accident at age first i hated wearing diapers but now i love wearing diapers hoping to meet some new friends.

 It started as stated when i was 12,i was very small for a 12 year lod.often i was mistaken for a 6-8 yr and my brother and some friends were playing baseball;i was pitching.i really only know that because of pepol telling me,i threw a fastball,my brother hit it,and the bat split into.all i remeber is hearing duck!then i woke up in the hospital.i was unable to speak and to weak to  try to  move. my mama said"don`t move around to much baby,they are worried about your neck".then i realized i had something keeoing me from closing my legs.i kind of got mama then said"what`s wrong'? i bet you need a change.she then lifted the blanket ,and revealed to my horror a baby diaper with sesame street patterns.and it was on me!all poor baby,you wet and pooped,no wonder you are willget you fixed up. about that time a young nurse walked in.need a little help? yes,i do.lets change him.we have to be carefull.the nurse helped by cleaning me up,then she put another diaper on me. has he said any thing?no,my mom said.his vocal cords are still in shock,it may be a while.

 I began to like my babying,i still couldn`t walk or talk when i left the mom just decided to let me be a baby.she was told i was going to be in a diaper from then on.she gave me the choice of a glass(which 9 out of 10 times i would end up spilling or breaking)or a bottle.i didn`t know what to try the don`t have to worry about spilling it.i was sweating,so mom took off everything except my feelt  good.

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Cool story :)

I like that story mr lucky. nice.<br />
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grgood story

@bababoby:<br />
Did you get your voice back?

Cute story. /thanks for sharing

nice story, sorry about your vocal courds