Turning Into Baby.

 jack was your typical 14 yr old boy. blond curly hair,blie eyes.he had  a secret ,he had never had a dry night in his life.every night it would be the same.nothing to drink after 6,early bed,and then wake up soaked.his mom has had waken him up to go but only to find him soaked.he would go back to bed and wake up wet.

 this went on until hew was 14,then while he was at school,his mom got a call"hello,is this jacks mom" ?why,yes it is,is he been in trouble? no,he has well....had an accident.was he hurt? no mam,he well....wet himself pretty badly. oh!,oh ,i will come and get him. jack was totally embarresed,there he was,14 and soaked like a little kid would be."and i wasn`t even asleep",dang he said to himself.mom is goona get me good for this.every move reminded of how he had humiliated himself infront of the hole class. he began to cry uncontrolably.why is this happening to me?the secretary tried to confort him,"a lot of boys occasionally have accidents"you will be alright.

 as soon as his mom walked him he found himself behaving like a small child."mommy ,"he ran to her,my gosh,my poor little fella.she sighned him out,and they went to the car.are you o.k.? i guess mom.i don`t know why it happened but i am glad to see you!lets get you home and out of those wet clothes.

 when he got home his mom took off his shoes,socks.and for somereason he felt good that she was helping him.then off with his shirt ,exposeing his skinny hairless fram.then she started to unbotten his pants,mom i`m a big kid!he felt even smaller after he said that. what brought that word on he thiught.i have seen it before young man,it`s nothing new to me.with that off came his pants followed by his underware.he tryed covering up,lets see his mom told him."jack you have a bad rash""do you clean up in the mornings"? don`t answer,its no look at that!he looked down at his small,hairless privates.se how red?now,let mommy give you a bath. he didn`t fight it as she bathed him,and cleaned his privates. all,done now go put on some pajamas.

 jack came back down,and hgis mother said ,come here we need to talk.i can`t keep letting you go like this something gotta change.you stay here and when i get back we will finish our talk.

 the hole time she was gone he stayed nervous,then he started sucking his thumb.soon his mom walked in.were are you? jack came around the corner.his mom gave him a strange look.what?jack asked.it has been a long time since i had a boy in front of me wet and sucking his thumb!suddenly  aware of his apperance,he blushed. ahh,i`m sorry lets take care of this.she took off his pajamas,and underware.stay right there she told him,i`ll be back . yeah like i am gonna run around like this.allright lets do this wright.she opened a box of baby wipes and began cleaning him up.that feels good mom.then she opened the rash cream,what is that ?he asked.its for your rash.then she slid the diaper under him,and the hole time he was crying.oh,it`s just for when you sleep honey.then she pulled it up bettwen his legs and fastened the tapes .

 he got up,looked at himself and laughed.you are something else !his mother laughed out ,come to mommy!he ran to her .now lets go bed-a-bye.ok ,jack said.

he woke up to dry sheets,as his mother came in how we do?ok jack said.lets check your diaper.she pulled the covers back and seen it was soaked.that`s why i put it on you she said. i kind of glad,it feels go to wake up in a dry bed.then she cleaned him up.can i wear one now?sure,but if you do you will have to useit,no bathroom.jack played,and after a while called his mother saying"mom i think i need a diaper".she looked at him,i don`t think,i `m sure of it. i really didn`t know i had done anything mom. well that`s what there for and after that ,he wore diapers 24/7,and she took care of him like a baby.

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U no I like that story because my dream is to turn back into a baby again so if you no how I can turn back into a baby can you tell me

I wish that I had a loving mommie like this

awww thats such a cute story!! you know, my fiance still sucks his thumb and he's 21 he only does it when i am there and sometimes he will sit on my lap and will want me to rock him back and forth and he falls asleep :) then once he falls asleep i put him down and he sucks his thumb and cuddles up :) too adorable!!

I live like him,is awesome,I am a baby of 1 year and 14 years real age,I go to kindergarden,I love to be a baby,I don't like fetish,it's because I born to stay baby

Can you e-mail this story to me i just loved it!

nice i wish my mom would do that