Educate Your Man

To me adultery sounds a lot of effort!

It is my belief that most men can be cuckolded given time, and gentle handling.

My husband is fantastic. He gets so turned on by me having sex with other guys that he buys me sexy clothes, dresses me for an evening out, helps select my **** for the night and then leaves me to it. He then picks me up, pampers me and then ravages me. I swear he insists on making love to me until he has replaced all my latest man's *** with his own!

The only downside is that I need a rest sometime. If it were down to my husband I would have three or four different ***** a week!



bazzerooni bazzerooni
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4 Responses Mar 6, 2010

As Mercator says, we have something in common. My wife has had sex with other men and I enjoyed it. Sometimes I participated, sometimes I knew she was going out and sometimes she brought home a great story.<br />
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The question I have is, western morality about adultery aside, men in our culture are taught this is 'bad'. Don't let YOUR woman sleep with another man, it's a reflection on your manhood. Baloney. It takes a more confident man to let his wife sleep with another woman than it does some macho dude who owns HIS woman. <br />
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I believe it's a personal choice and if the man and woman both enjoy her having sex with other men, cool. If they don't, that's cool also.

Number one male fantasy on the web

Bazzeroni, I can't help but smile, because I view this as I would an erotic movie, a creative fiction, meant simply to tease and entertain. I would like to think your concepts here have nothing to do with my reality. And yet, the power of the entertainment-business world in the US particularly is driven by sexual fantasies. IMHO this iseasy to use scheme has become the main marketing engine of our consumer empire. You are just selling some fantasy that everyone else with a product is packaging in the same way. You probably believe you are in control of the situation. And maybe temporarily you are. Good luck.

Bazerooni, your husband and I have some things in common it seems, although I am always there to watch her in some hotel room I also paid for. I consider myself dominant in our marriage and take charge of the arrangements and climb on board once the other guy is done. There is something so damn erotic and naughty when a wife spreads her thighs for the **** of another, but you know this already ;)