The Supermarket

You noticed him first. You'd walked straight into the supermarket, picked up a basket, and were looking for some fruit that would get the kids lunches sorted until the end of the week. Grapes were on special, close to the entrance. As you walked up and tore off a bag, he was standing there picking over the bunches. He found the best looking bunch and pulled a berry off. "pop". It was in his mouth, and he was chewing and smiling. "ah ha you thought. One of these tight-***** that wants to eat and not pay. I might have wanted that bunch!" He picked another choice berry. You scowled at him. He smiled back and winked, slowly. This got you more annoyed. Lousy *****! You gave up on the grapes and moved on. There were some peaches nearby that didn't look too bad, considering their season was close to ending.

The next time you crossed paths was in the salad section. You were choosing baby cos lettuces. At this time in the season there wasn't a great supply, and a pack with an acceptable combination of weight and greeness wasn't easy to find. You felt something brush against your cheek. Like a feather, almost, but just slightly rougher. Taken off-guard, your mind wandered and your focus left the cos. What was that? There was an almighty crunch close to your ear. That same man was standing there, chewing the end of a celery stick he'd just ripped from the bunches next door. Again, smiling. Why did you have to attract all the weirdos? A pity, you thought, because he was relatively attractive. In his 30s at a guess, nicely built, reasonably well dressed. Sadly weird. "Excuse me!" Surely that would be enough. You'd found a half decent lettuce pack. Time to leave. Now.

In the deli, you waited for the girl behind the counter to pack some meat. Your mind drifted off. Thinking about tonight and what it had in store. Your husband would be home late. You'd be dealing with the kids, putting them to bed. He'd come home expecting attention and you'd be - exhausted. But right now, the kids had been at school all day and you were anything but. On and off you'd been dealing with your own frustrations. A developing sexual energy that was dissipating now with the surity of kids home from school in an hour and your afternoon chores. If only you and he had better timing. It was all wrong.

Then you felt it, a cool, sliding sensation along the back of your arm. After the heat outside it was quite relieving. Deli girl spoke, you were jolted back, not paying attention. The feeling drifted lower onto your forearm. The meat was ready and you reached over the counter to pick it up. You could see the trail of oil along the inside of your arm. Meat in hand, you turned, and felt another hand grip your basket. Looking up he was right there in front of you, in your personal space. He was close enough that you could feel his heat. Beginning to speak, your words were muffled as you felt the cool, and tasted savoury oil against your lips. He was holding a Bocconcini cheese against your mouth.

Your reaction surprised you, and him. Tears welled in your eyes as you searched for something to say. This was an invasion, it was wrong, but so sensuous, gentle, suprising. You began to shake your head, furiously. A silent, emphatic, "No!". He let go, turned and walked quickly away. You did the same. Stopping finally at the opposite end of the supermarket, outside the frozen vegetables. There was no-one there and you stared into the cabinet trying to gather your thoughts and emotions. On the verge of reason returning, a light touch on your shoulder.

Turning slowly, he is there again. This time, a pace away. The emotion, rising. He reaches out to grab your hand. You view it as if detached. He has your palm, gently, and rolls it over. His fist hovers over the center, hesitating, then releasing an ice cube. You shudder. Look up, into his eyes. No smiles this time; they are rimmed with tears. You are a sucker for emotion. Reason floods back. "What's wrong, why me?" but no words issue from your mouth. The ice in your palm commands your attention again. He is moving it now, pushing it in small circles around your palm, which he holds with his other hand. It is mesmerising. Slowly he pushes it up your arm, controlling it with three fingers. Having a very strange stranger do this is far outside your experience. The ice reaches your shoulder and he shifts it sideways now, across the strap of your singlet and onto your clavicle, around your neck. As a reflex you push your neck back.

He and that ice cube are only fingers away from your breasts.
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I'll have to do some work on a follow-up ;)<br />
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Can't believe someone was forward enough to ask you out in the lingerie section of K-Mart!

This is very, very original. I once got asked out to lunch while looking at lingerie in K-Mart, but this beats that, that's for sure!

This is very, very original. I once got asked out to lunch while looking at lingerie in K-Mart, but this beats that, that's for sure!

What!!! You can't end it there! Get up! Write some more now!