My Secret Affair

I guess I want to tell my story because it was Romantic, Sexy, Erotic and a story of deprivation.

I owned a restaurant in Livonia, and married to a man who did not appreciate me. One evening a gentleman came into my shop around 6:30 in the evening and ordered a sandwich.

As I took his order from behind the counter I said to myself what a handsome man but did not pay attention to him. As I was cleaning I felt he was starring at me, and being somewaht uncomfortable, I continued my work as if to ignore him.

As the night lingered on, he complimented my new store and he complimented me on my looks stating I was very pretty. He made me feel good, about my new venture. I thanked him and asked him to return.

Well Mike came back the next evening, and for two weeks he would come into the shop for a sandwich and would talk about anything and everything from travel, work, marriage and sex. I became more comfortable with his conversations. One day He started to help close up my shop at night.

One night as Mike was helping close my shop, he walked me out the side door and he kissed me. it was a kiss like I never felt before. I felt it was wonderful. Driving home that evening I started talking to myself and asking myself what am I doing. What if Sam saw me what if Amy saw me. I said to myself I can not allow this to happen again.

Arriving home I jumped into the shower, and laid in bed. My mind was swirling with thoughts of his kiss. Yes, I got very horny, grabbed my vibrator and had an awesome *** with my imagination having sex with Mike.

The next evening Mike came into the shop for a sandwich, stayed till closing and we passionately kissed and embraced by the side door. I was so wet and horny I needed to have sex. Once again my Vibrator took care of me, but I wanted more.

Mike did not return for a week and I said to myself perhaps he did not like me. He finally returned telling me he had to go out of town for work. I was happy to see him.

That night we passionately played, I allowed him to suck on my nipples, and play with my ****. He tugged on my cheeks and spread them apart putting his hand between my cheeks. Placing his lips on my lips then kissing my neck. I was desperate for him and he wanted me. The drive home that night was reckless, as my thoughts once again swirled in my mind, wondering how it would feel to lay in bed with him naked.

The next day he invited and asked me if I wanted to come to his place. He has a wonderful condo close to my shop. I made arrangments to have one of the girls stay and close shop, telling them if my husband called or came by tell him you just missed her.

I went to Mike and had a small sandwich with him and proceeded to have sex with him. His kiss was something I did not have in years, and the sex was something I did not have in years.

He sucked on my **** and I sucked on his ****, then the sexual penetration in different positions was something that I did not have in years. At times I felt guilty and then I would recall the stressful moments I have had with my now ex and accept what I was doing was OK.

I allowed Mike to deeply penetrate me, allowing him to use my vibrator that I brought along for Anal vibration. Mike made me *** twice that night. It was an evening I could not forget.

That same night my husband wanted to have sex and I pretended I was enjoying it, but my imagination was with Mike.

This went on for a month or so, things got so heated, I felt it was time to cut the sexual encounters off. Mike taught me much. I fell in Love with the sex, saying I will never allow myself to become deprived again.

The evenings of going to Mike, I miss so much. He was a great lover who I wish I could have tonight. The oral sex, the toys, the different sexual positions was well worth the time.

I enjoyed myself. I don't know if it is because it was a secret affair, or I needed someone to Love and **** me like he did.

The secret affair in my shop, is something I will treasure all my life and I am certain if given a chance I will do it once again.

Mike had called me recently and I feared going to his Condo. Mike was 44 and I was 59 going on 60. Years later I still vibrate myself with him on my mind, wishing to find another lover to keep me vibrant. I still get horny and I enjoy ************ with Mike on my mind.

Should I call Mike? What if he has another woman, what if he rejects me?  Should I, someone tell me should I. 

AnomonusF AnomonusF
Nov 30, 2012