One Reason Why the U.s. Economy Is In a Finanical Nose Dive

One reason that the U.S. economy is currently in a financial nose dive is due to the lack of accountability on the part of local and nation wide financial lending institutions. These so called lending institutions offer false promises of security to their customers, but the first time at these lending institutions are caught in a debacle. These institutions refuse to admit accountability for their mistakes and try to pass the proverbial buck onto their customers, the honest hardworking, reputable small business owner or anyone else they can in order to save their own finanical butts. A so called example of this type of debacle recently took place with a local lending institution, which for the sake of privacy shall be called "The Dimwitted-Chimpanzee-Dinasour Bank and Trust" with a customer whom we shall call Jane.

Jane had been banking with "The Dimwhitted-Chimpanzee-Dinasour Bank and Trust" for about two years. Over the two year period Jane had encountered a few small problems with her lending institution. Among, some of the small problems Jane encountered was her lending institution not even knowing whether or not Jane possessed a checking account even though when Jane orginally filled her paperwork out for a checking account only. There was another time when a deposit was made for Jane at her bank and the bank teller making the deposit never even looked at her checking account numbers and decided to "with their head up their ***", deposit; the deposit being made for Jane into a non-exsistant saving account which left Jane in a bind and having to take a day out of her extremely busy schedule to straighten around this mess.

Another time, Jane encountered an issue where her bank never notified her that there was suspicious activity occurring on her account in the form of an unauthorized transaction, until about a week later after the transaction had already went through and it took Jane two days out of her extremely busy schedule to straighten around her lending institutions' mess again . Recently, Jane had to take three days out of her extremely busy schedule and micro-manage her bank's staff to make sure that they got their oxygen deprived heads out of their ***** to straighten out a huge debacle on the part of her bank's ach department whose job it is to handle Jane's checking account. A week earlier, Jane recieved the first and only notice from her bank nine months later after the original sixty-day time frame to clear up issues of this kind.

The letter from the bank that Jane had recieved stated that there had been a problem with the checking account numbers for her bi-weekly payroll deposit coming in with one number missing, which if it wasn't cleared up Jane's bank would be forced to return any future auto pay payroll deposits. Even though Jane's bank had been cross checking Jane's checking account numbers with her auto pay payroll deposit checking account numbers and depositing her auto pay payroll checks for the last eight and a half months with no problems.

The same day that Jane recieved her first and only notice from her bank concern this issue nine months later, she called the payroll department of where Jane worked and asked to speak with Suzie the payroll manager. Jane exlained her problem to Suzie concerning the letter that her bank had sent her and asked Suzie if she would repeat Jane's auto deposit checking account information back to her to make sure that the checking account numbers where correct. Suzie the account manager of the company which Jane worked for did so three times and all three times, Jane's auto deposit account numbers were correct. After getting off the phone with Suzie, Jane then called her bank and informed them that she had spoken with the accounting department manager of the same company that she worked for.

 Jane explained to her bank that the accounting manager for the company that Jane worked had indeed correctly read off her auto pay payroll deposit checking account numbers correctly three times and Jane also asked her bank to make note her account that she had indeed rectified the situation. Jane's bank assured her that they would note her checking account. Jane then also verified to her bank that she worked for the company who was depositing her auto pay, payroll deposit in her account every two weeks and not to return her pay roll deposits because she had cleared this up with the company that Jane worked for. The bank also assured Jane that this wouldn't happen and that since everything had been taken care of on Jane's end.

The next week at the end of the week Jane went in to her bank to see if her check had been deposited into her account by the company she worked for.The teller waiting on Jane could find no record of her pay check having been deposited into her account which had always been deposited by her employer without fail in her account every two weeks. Jane asked the teller waiting on her to contact their ACH department to find out what had happened to her check. After speaking with the ACH department the teller of Jane's bank got off the phone and walked over to Jane.

He proceeded to explain to Jane that because there was one number missing from her auto deposit paycheck deposit, even though Jane had straightened this out a week before as she had been advised by her bank to do via letter and after informing the bank that she had done as they requested. Not to mention the fact that Jane's bank's ACH department had cross checked the number, temporary deposited her auto paycheck into her account and then sent it back not just once but twice.Jane demanded to speak with the bank manager, immediately,she was ushered into the bank manager's office. Jane asked the bank manager why she had not been notified immediately when this situation first occurred and the bank manager told her that the bank wasn't legally responsible to notify Jane about situations of this nature concerning her account.

Next Jane asked the bank manager if her account had been notated as promised and the bank manager informed her that this had never been done, even though Jane had requested that there be a notation placed on her account which stated that she had called and informed the bank that she, Jane had taken care of this situation. The bank manager said no that there was no notation on her account of anykind. For the next three days, Jane phoned every branch manager of her bank climbing the branch manager ladder one at a time with the same response:"we aren't legally responsible to inform you if and when our ACH department decided to make an unauthorized transaction on your account, such as in your situation and you have nothing to say about it."

Finally, Jane spoke with her customer support department, asking could their department possibly be open to the possibly that the missing account number issue was due to a problem in the data transmission from Jane's employers' bank to their clearing house and one of their representatives kept insisting that there was no way this could happen because their bank used magnetic disks which Jane knew hadn't been in use by the majority of lending institutions for over twenty years due to sector failure errors, ect.

Jane's banks' customer support personnel argued with her about how impossible this was and Jane thought to herself it is obvious that this bank hired a dimwhitted monkey to work as customer support and who I'm currently speaking with. Next the dimwhitted, customer support monkey tried to insist that Jane's honest, hard working employer was at fault and that supposedly they were trying to pull something on the bank. The dimwhitted monkey working as customer support  whom was talking to Jane, tried to use the filmsy reasoning that supposedly their department had traced the problem back to the feds and that supposedly Jane's bank was sure that her employer was trying to pull one over on them even though they had no proof. Jane's bank would be willing to file charges against her employer even though, Jane's honest, hard working employer had made every attempt to retify the situation. Not to mention  the bank's staff of monkey's relying on inept magnetic disk media which hadn't been used in twenty years by the majority of finanical and governmental institutions alike.

Jane thought to herself: "When a lending institution hires dimwhitted-monkies who use dinasouric technology" it is easy to see why the US economy is taking a huge nose dive."




Sentinal Sentinal
Feb 19, 2009