I Cant Help Myself! I Am Addicted To Blackmen

I am a 33 year old housewife with no children living in a small predominantly white WASP community who goes to church every Sunday I have been married since I was 23. I have 3 brothers and the typical white life. My husband works with the department of transportation and is gone a lot leaving me here at home by myself.
I am EXTREMELY attracted to blackmen which I kept to myself until about two years ago when I started to have an affair with my dads busisness rival Terrance who was married and had two children with a black woman. Terrance is a big man who also couches basketball in another town and he has like me a lot of secret sexual urges one is he likes to dog me out call me names and completely dominate me. I have really gotten into it I dress like a hooker for him I worship him etc.
For the past six months as I got to know some of his black friends even going with him on two day trips to detroit I've been having sex with multiple blackmen at once and I can't stop craving it. I have absolutely no sexual attraction for white males anymore and dedetroitive
31-35, F
7 Responses Nov 26, 2012

Me too I love sex with a black man can't stop been dating blk men for five years it's in my DNA

have tried to get my wife addicted, she has ****** many black guys but I wouldn't call her addicted

since you no longer are attracted to white men any longer why don't you just leave your husband. And get one of your own.

never having had real sex i don't know what the difference is between black men and white men but everything i read it sounds like white girls should just do black men. it is a fantasy of mine to do it.

Can I have sex with you?

My ex wife could not get enough sex with black men, and we enjoy many, many ********** with some of our black friends.
I think you should indulge yourself and get some black man to have sex with.

why don't you have your black boyfriends babies??????????????????????????????

i would love to know

You lucky lady. I wish I was a black man.

You are my kind of gal. Hot Hot Hot. Enjoy yourself.