Travelling With My Colleaque

I am going to be travelling extensively for business with my colleague in a few weeks. We have worked together for seven years and we travelled together about four years ago, and it was a good experience. My colleague is seven years my junior, female, married like myself and with children. She is a great lady that I get along with very well, and sometimes flirt a bit, but hang out a bit and go for coffee, friendly type of work relationship. My wife sometimes will chide me to " ask my work wife so and so" on different things or topics, but she is just kidding and having fun with it. Although we have travelled before, we were both respectful and it was a good professional trip, and we had some fun. Non sex fun.

So, now we are going to go travel again and we can get along real well in business as well as co-worker friends. We will be away for some time and our destination is a somewhere that can romance, have great times, and can help set the mood and experience. My colleague is aware that I enjoy her company and I am aware that we get along very well and I feel like I want to try and take her out on a "date" (while traveling) and see what happens. I know she is flattered with me but the one thing that terrifies me is that if she is not interested, I don't want to damage the relationship. I know there can't be an ongoing relationship, and that if something happened between us, it would likely be one time thing. So I am wondering how I can be respectful and keep a solid friend and working relationship if she is not thinking the same way? But, I thought a date would be nice as my wife sometimes doesn't like to be treated like a lady, and I know this ladies husband doesn't treat her like a lady (pampering I mean), so I thought, well maybe I'll take her on a date and be respectful and see what happens?  What should a guy do?
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don't poop in your own backyard, you might step in it.

If she objects to strongly your reputation could be marred :/