I dont even know where to begin.. The army has changed my life and at 21 ive been to many places that ive only dreamed of going and im thankful for that, but with that said being here in this **** hole country is ruff the **** ive seen and the stuff that i have had to do to survive nobody should have to go through, ive seen to many ppl ive been close with die its the hardest thing ive ever been through, about a month ago i saved this little afghani girl no older than 11 she had explosives strapped to her and she was crying saying help help, she wasent a monster she didnt want to die well me and my unit got it off of her but as i was picking her up to move her to safety a sniper shot my best friend went straight through his skull. and then we came under heavy fire an hour later it was over we killed over 30 taliban. at home were heroes for saving this girl and taking out the enemy. but nobody sees how i hold my friends tags at night waking up sweating seeing him get his head blown off 2 feet next to me over
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I know it seems like forever, but hang in there troop all of this is almost over. I'm on my 4th trip out this way and it seems like the deployments never end. The press will never write the correct story, and the truth will always escape people's mouths whenever it crosses the water, but know that your brothers-in-arms will always understand. If you ever need to talk, just add me. I'm over here too, and I know the pain of loss. It's never easy. I can only share the ways I've learned to cope. Stay strong.

Thankyou brother! this is my first deployment i know you know how it is and your right people back home dont know and to be honest i havent told my family anything bad i dont want them to worry. how did you deal with going back to the states? If this sounds weird idk how well im gonna adjust, everything ive done and seen i feel people back home wont understand, and ****** up thing is im use to the death the smell to everything over here im scared to see what home will be like now if that makes since. But dont get me wrong i am excited to be coming back.

It is rough transitioning back home. After my first deployment, I found myself ******* awake, and found myself stopping and looking for my weapon, stopping in the middle of the road because I saw a "suspicious box" in the middle of the road, and just being really jumpy. A lot of people are going to want to embrace you and go places and do things. Make sure you are mentally prepared for it, take your time before going into big crowds, I know that bothered me a lot. Still does at this point. Just take your time. You will have made it out of combat and the worse part of is over. Just make sure you are doing everything from that point for yourself.