Afghanastan Part 2

and over again. and another part is right when that happend you dont have time to think about it you have to be strong you have to fight you have to make sure your guys survive. This is war and i wish nobody to have to go through what ive done. We are soldiers fighting to the death for honestly no greater cause the public thinks , but if you saw all the woman and kids we save from the taliban you would change your mind. these ppl have no one to fight for them except us and its the biggest responsibility i have ever had. I just cant wait to come i love what i do dont get me wrong, but mentally were all ****** war changes you. I am strong I can get through anything. I have looked a man in his eyes and took his life these things will always be who i am. its hard far from easy but i tell you what i guarantee at 21 im more of a man than guys in their 40s and im thankfull for that. now get me the **** outta here to american soil so i can see my fam! lol. it feels good to vent, have any ?s feel free to ask!
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i'm 21 to.