Im Afraid of Being Left Alone

I am afraid of being left alone.I dont want to die alone.I dont want to live the rest of my life alone.I dont mind being alone, for short periods of time.I just am afraid of being left alone forever. I used to be happy,when i found my SOUL MATE, but he passed away,and now I`m alone AGAIN. I have my pets,thank GOD,who keep me company.I couldnt live without pets.They are the BEST COMPANY.They dont argue,judge,talk back,or complain.They just enjoy your company,and love you unconditionally.Im afraid of being left alone.I dont want to die alone.

LibertyBell LibertyBell
36-40, F
1 Response Feb 19, 2009

I have a dog, a cat, and a ferret. They are my 4-legged kids. They are my life. I cant imagine my life without pets. Ive always had them,always will. Pets are better than some people. :)