I Already Did.

There was really no reason for it except that I felt the "sparks" dying with him.  He really loved me and I fell in love with someone else.  I still hate myself for it. 

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yes, honey, feel a little guilty, it's not the last time, and it's life. Your life. Your bf doesn't own you.

you cant feel guilty forever sweetheart what happened,happened there are people who will relate with you trust me i know what it is like when you feel the spark has gone

Patch Jones had a good point, when some one shuts off the basic needs to keep a relationship functional, how are you suppose to give in return? Thats like being told to pound a nail with your fist rather the proper tool. If some one breaths life back into your heart and soul, why would you want to unplug yourself from something that keeps you living?

There has to come a time when you let it go though. Having acknowledged you made a mistake, it would lessen the pain if you could forgive yourself.

You know Patch,<br />
I think that is this could be the harshest of all realities. having such a huge crush or admiration for another, you tend to build a scenario in your head about how it would be if the feelings were returned. Its a hard lesson to take and I know it won't be the last one either.

Breach of an explicit or implicit promise to remain faithful.

Question, how can it be called cheating when there was no marriage?