Be Prepared!

How would you get rid of it?

It would be there, getting worse and worse, making you go cross eyed, making you walk like a penguin with a butt full of salmon.

You can't put anything in there, however would death be a relief from this cruel feat of nature?

The ony experience you have is internal butt-itch, the only cure-flatulence or vibration. Maybe banging your head against a wall would work,or you could get a really close friend to fart on your head, try putting your head next to really loud speakers, a hammer, put your nut in some roadworks, pnuematic drills, your girlfriends' vibrator or your cars' exhaust?

All of the above has other risks, but nothing could compare to the hell of pruritus cerrebellum.

Treatment would be difficult, wards would have people with durex play vibrators strapped to their heads, if it was common and this became a popular sight, discrimination laws would have to change, I mean you couldn't employ someone in an electrical store who has essentially a sex toy for a head, the interference of the TV's ad radios in store would be impossible to comprimise, wouldn't it?

 They would probably need earing aids because of the noise from the medication, how would they sleep?

Heed my warning, the itch is a right bastard!

Azazel27UK Azazel27UK
26-30, M
Mar 9, 2010