I'm Like Every Lesbian

"I African American Lesbian"

My story is no different than any other Lesbian.  I grew up luving girls.  In my early years I thought it was normal to like women.  I had certain friends who felt the way that I did; they were invited to spend the night more than others.  One day in a conversation, someone said it wasn't normal to like someone of the same sex.  Never could understand.

I wanted to be normal so I tried boys.  When I got engaged, I'd lay with my man, close my eyes, and imagine he was a girl, and  have an exploding climax with this image of a voluptuous  woman in my head.  Got pregnant.  Had a baby.  Ended up never getting married.  Couldn't do it.

Went back to women.  Although I am partial to breasts, there is no part of a woman's body that I do not like.

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1 Response Jan 21, 2009

I guess the question would be, are you happy now that you are with women again? I hope that you are.