My Life Now

I can take it...once upon a time I was laying in a motel room wondering where I was going to go when my money ran only option in my head was to go to the ER and appear crazy(I didn't feel all too good truthfully). I bought a box of razors(the razor itself without the handle and all), and flicked it across across my arms.

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I also cut off my hair with it. I had called homeless shelters and they were full. I went to the ER and they took me in an ambulance to a locked ward. The next day, I was out. Great. I went back to the ER and said I was having panic attacks. I went in the chapel and prayed. They called a shelter nearby and they had room that night. So I got in. And out in two weeks to a home as someones roommate.

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2 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Nah, I mean you had to use all these stratagems to get shelter, shelter features among basic human rights, but that's just theory.

Wow, I guess our society is slightly mad.