After the audience Brazilian national anthem rang out the melody, the atmosphere will instantly solidified, the audience saw tens of thousands of Brazilian fans, Brazilian midfielder of the 11 starting players, as FIFA 14 Coins well as bench players and coaching staff for all of Brazil members sang the national anthem with high, which especially captain Tiago - Silva and Marcelo most affectionate: They close their eyes and loudly sang, a scene, let us deeply felt their love for the motherland.

The bad news came! Coentrao determine injury suffered another blow in Portugal World Cup
Beijing time on June 18, 2014 Brazil World Cup opening game, the Portuguese team can be described as throwing good money after bad. Not only German team to 0-4 defeat in the foot, but in the second half of the game limped Cheap FIFA 14 Coins off the defender Fabio Coentrao has been determined to bid farewell to the World Cup because of a thigh injury, this situation is not good for the Portuguese team was a heavy blow, their group stages to cast a shadow over the prospects.

Portugal team and the German team that was a close match of the strong dialogue, but the 0-4 score beyond many people's expectations. Portugal fans never thought of leaving is because in addition to Pepe received a red Buy FIFA 14 Coins card in the next game to be other than suspension, defender Fabio Coentrao is because of a thigh injury bid farewell to the World Cup. Portugal and Germany in the race to the first 62 minutes, Fabio Coentrao injured and was carried off the stretcher, then Almeida bench. After the game, the Portuguese team doctor confirmed Coentrao ball enough when my legs strained adductor right leg, will be out for more than 10 days. Coentrao after injury seems to indicate that he would have to bid farewell to the World Cup, he said:. "I am afraid, I worry that I will miss the remainder of the game in Portugal in the World Cup." Buy FIFA 14 Coins
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Sep 1, 2014