I Like To Punish Bad People

When i see an injustice occurring i really love to intervene and i don't do so lightly. I am very strong,big and muscular, a boxer, and have had hundreds of street fights, iv never lost in an even fight. I just have an inbuilt furious anger that explodes when i see people getting attacked unfairly by others or persecuted against in some way. I have often badly hurt these type of people,, hence i have been arrested many times for these things. You may wonder where this is going, well i hate the way society protects the evil amongst us, for example if i see something really bad occurring, some police may come along, but they are too scared to intervene(our cops dont carry guns all the time) and this is the cruel irony, if i intervene and bust the evil-doers up then the police creep back and will arrest me for doing what they were too scared to try, conversly if the police come to a scene where the perps are easy beats, then the police will often bash them very bad when they dont have too. And so many obviously guilty people get off in this society due to their finances or maybe they have a look that is not constant with such an act (Amanda Knox for example) Like when i read stories about young girls getting attacked or raped/murdered or people getting attacked and killed, i just would give anything to have come across that scene and rip that person apart, nothing better than seeing someone who was trying to instill great fear and pain on someone, have the tables turned in front of the intended victim. Trust me, if ever there is a situation where anyone close to you is attacked, or has been attacked, you should do all you can to smash that bad person up, or youll never be able to look yourself in the mirror ever again. Keep in shape, train hard, i love bneing the type of person that evil-doers would hate to see come across them in person, in the evil act. I love and dream about destroying evil people in a very painful way, i see it as my duty as that will stop them from doing further harm to the weak innocents. The first time i did this was when i was around 8years old, i killed an evil man when i was 18, i got off on self-defence but to be honest i didnt really have to but i wanted to, and he was an extremly evil man. I am 26 now and train every day and dream every night of destroying the evil men of society, the men who rape and kill the innocent weak. Thank you for listening to my vent. Aristotle  .
aristotle88 aristotle88
26-30, M
Sep 9, 2012