Rajana From Sri Lanka Be Lashed For Love Case In Emirates

When Sarah Balabagan was in jail . to killed her raper,she get 100 lashes . 3 Months after her lashes , one sri_lanka girl 25 years has spend 8 months on jail. Her name was rajana, her bos have said to the police she have sex relation with a man . A driver this man was arabic and he was no sentence but Rajana sentence 1 years prison and 80 lashes; Sarah has 100 lashes in 5 times but rajana 80 in one time. they take her at 2 o clock iin may 1997. They bring rajana in centrum of jail a police man beat jher with a hard cane in wood 40 on buttocks 40 on her back. They bring her to the jail room wound bloody crying . Other girl made massage sarah put her cream she have received from me and amnesty after her lashes ; The poor girl weep 2 days . When she live al ain to go back to COLOMBO SHE ALWAYS HAVE SCAR ON HER BACK. A nurse said it is for all her life ; Rajana have really relation sex with the palestinian driver but both are adult . so you see how they treat woman in this countries
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it just but in all this countries it is same emirates qatar saoudia iran pakistan bangladesh mali niger tcad soudan somalia they said in name of god