Yasmina Saoudian Girl 23 Years Abuse By 4 Mans 100 Lashes One Year Jail

Yasmina was student at university jeddah . Beautifull and clever girl . One day One boy purpose her go in villa out of jeddah to prepare examination .But when she arrive in the villa parents of boy not there but 3 other man who rape her all night . months after she pregnant and go to hospital to abortement . Muslim doctor called police . They bring in jail her parents try to help her but sentence was one year jail and 100 lashes. She was obliged to stay 7 months in prison after she have the baby they wait 3 months before the lashes poor yasmina. Her avocate arrange she wxas beat 2 times 50 canes on bum and thighs with one month interval.The baby take her name and yasmina sister keep her before she out of prison. Her lashes arte very pain. The man who rape her no sentence they said she ask to sex. And only this poor girl was beat and go prison.On first lashes they bring her in a room of prison a favour because many time it is in public. Police lady catch her the executer a very great and strong man strike her with a long and strong caned 50 times her buttocks and thights are black and covered of blisters she cry 2 days. One month after they beat her again it is became a black black too much black she suffered pain 6 week till she was free. That happened 2011 january. You could find her story on google usa and europa are friendsof the saoudian for petrole
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she not abort and was lash to sex love and 3 man rape her ,no punishement

yes you allright because in coran said also forgive and here she was rape and why the man 3 no punish

Why the Saudian is so cruel to woman? Although I'm a Muslim but I hate those fucky **** Saudians,why Middle East's country always perform the Syaria punishment nowadays?They should be have more humanity in their soul?This manner of punishment is bring the discreet of Islam,so unfair...!