KADI kADIJA ?WAS A STUDENT FROM 15 Years in tombuctu Mali. Now alquaida magheb occupeted this country.Woman have lose all her rights also they could not speak with a man who is not brother or husband, listen music prohibited for all peoples television cinema children who swim boys and girls could have 15 lashes very hard on her bum. Also lapidation for peoples no married hand cut for stolen and same time also to innocent peoples. Look on google.But now I tell story of Kadija Kadi was 15 and a good student and serious girl. Same time when she on the street and see neighbour or other students male she speak. But for islamic police it is haram prohibited so one day. They catch her and bring to police station where islamic juge give sentence 60 lashes in public tomorrow on 11 a m. Theboy have no problems.
The same day 4 children from 9 till 11 years are catch in the river wher they swim.2 boys and 2 girls . Islamic police brig them in police station where they lashes them 20 lashes each on her buttocks because they made immodest think swiming  They used strong leather belt who was really hurt for the 4 children.. They have dress to swim but for islamist it was no good. Parents came take her children crying from the pain and rubbing her sore bums . Kadi could go home but the tomorrow morning police came catch her and bring middle of market. Many peoples are there Kadi was obliged to seat and present her back to the 3 diiferents executioner each give 20 lashes so they could changed when they are tired and so giving the poor girl a maximum of pain.
They beat her with a very big leather whip.Man begin to strike very strong the back of the poor girl. After 20 lashes she begin to wheep and wail.After 40 she asked mercy and cry " my back my back you shall break my back!!She received nor 20 lashes who wounded her too much and her back was bloody she howl.After 60 lashes she faint. Her parents bring her to hospital where she recovered her spirits. But with her spirit the horrible pain came again and cry again" my back back . They break my back . Oh it is too much pain!"The nurse clean her wound made massage with cream and put bandage on same place too much wounded . Then she back home she pain on her back one month and must wait 2 months to sleep on her back please look on google and amnesty international side for more explanation of this story and other story in mali
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Nov 26, 2012