Lashes In AFRICA

they beat girls in Mali  and no peoles help THIS POOR PEOPLES occuped by al qaida magreb. SAMES GIRLS STUDENT ARE  lashes from 60 to 100 because speaking on the street with a boy or listen music .They made punishement in public whith big whip and different executioner for 60 lashes 3 man so they are sure man is not tired and give a maximum pain .0ne girl 15 years who speak with a boy school fellow is catched by islmic police bring to station sentence 80 lashes . They bring on market and 3 different man lashes her too much hardly. She cry a lot because too much pain and faint after 60 lashes on her back.She bloody AND WOUNDED. They bring to hospital she cry 2 or days . feel pain 3 weeks and must wait 2 months to sleep on back. That happened in september 2012 in Gao
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This is so awful. I feel for the women in those countries. I am also sorry for some of the men who are not cruel themselves but are afraid to speak up not wanting to be beaten themselves or lose a job and not be able to care for their families.

yesz but what i thing wrong i put before kadi student in mali 60 lashes speaking with boy on street put all details and also where i picked it was refued like for peoples more 18 years only it is too laught when you see same spanking story is usa boy friends this peoples i hope no

podssible contact amnesty international for petition

it is in North Mali occuped by Salafist al qaida

And some women in the US and UK are making way for these horrible things to become legal here* by their absurd re-cycling of Freudian psychology, wrapping it up as religion. mean all countries who believe in kindness. *By here, I