My common husband was 35, I was 19. Lived together for 21 years. He passed away 9 years ago.
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I can only imagine the emptiness. My heart to you.

Sorry to hear.

I can be bad to see our dear partner leave us forever. If I had a wish, I wish my husband and I could die at the same time. You are so strong to go ahead

At age 34 she was 44 18 years later she dumped me for a older man. All of a sudden I was too young. So at times age doesn't matter other times it does.

i feel the same as you on age but there are still to many that dont see it the same way. Sorry about you partner

I'm really sorry to hear that. I hope you think of the 21 years you had together and enjoyed rather than the time you feel you lost.

great story i found the one person for me by dealing the wrong phone number she is 15 year's then me....

dailing lol srry

Thank you for writing this. Sharing.
If you don't mind me asking how did you guys meet? get together?
Life is worth it when when you're with someone you love and I'm not sure if i'm right, but probably in your time it was hard to have a 16 year age year gap relation.
Hearing this makes me think about my situation.
You two were the same age as when I found my love crush. I was 19 he was 35. I regret paying so much time to the age gap. I'm now in a relation where I don't feel much but everyone else is happy about us. And I think about him.
And just reading this makes me feel I should've took my chances . Your man had to be a very proud and loving man. Just reading this and it's probably wrong for me to say this but 20+ years, If I only had that much I still would choose him. I know that now of course.

He saw me at the bus stop. I knew he was the right guy for me. Been together for 21 yrs. Yes, we were almost 16 yrs apart. Love is wonderful splendid word.

I'm so sorry for your loss. My Mom and Dad married in their teens and were together until he died of a massive heart attack at the age of 52, 31 years later. It took her a while to regroup and get her life back in order. I can't imagine what you went thru nor can I imagine what she went thru.

That's sad, must be hard to move forward after the loss

Ah god, that's so sad DiscoNight :( you have great memories right? I know nothing can replace, thanks for sharing chic :)

Yes I had great memories with my guy. He always like holding my arm tightly together. Very affectionate boyfriend. Thanks