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I'm generally a happy person (at least I think so!). I know that every single human being goes through so many different things in his or her life. Therefore, I write my stories proceeding with caution…because I know I'm not the only one suffering. The last thing I want to be is a"drama queen". There's so many things happening in the world, in the larger picture, that my own personal problems or feelings just seem so small in comparison.

Some of the things I've been thinking about lately are:

1. How much the world and society have changed. Despite our vast technological advancements, it really seems like we are much more disconnected from real-life experiences with one another

2. How I Long to spend time with just my family members. I have one married daughter living in Philadelphia, and one married daughter who lives just 30 miles from me. Even though she's close in proximity to me, my relationship with her has been strained due to certain family circumstances. She has two beautiful children who I absolutely adore and want to see on a regular basis, but I Dotter is quite busy, and having a relationship with me is not on her priority list.

3. Getting older. As I age, I really love the way my mind works now and I like myself as a person. But I detest the physical changes that come along with aging, for example, the nasolabial folds on my face and the bags under my eyes; the fact that my teeth are going...I seem to keep losing them one at a time; have to have two extractions next week...

4. I'm going to say that for the last seven years things have been really difficult--- just one thing after another. I hate saying that because it sounds so pathetic and nebby. This past two years has been particularly difficult… I sought alternative methods of assuaging my loneliness and my touch involved with a guy who ended up being psycho and stalked me hardcore when I tried to dump him. December 18, 2012 had to take him to court to get a restraining order (5 years!)

There's so much more to mention..,

How is everyone else doing?

Frappiopath Frappiopath
Jan 12, 2013