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I am definately tired of trying to make everyone else happy. Its time I do things for me no matter what everyone else say! To hell with people... (ok not all of them) No one is every happy with what you do anyway. No one is ever really going to be pleased with all your efforts so lets blow them off and keep going. I dont care what anyone else thinks anymore. Its time to be that strong willed person you know you are and dont be afraid to speak up even if no one else agrees. At least we'll be happy in the end right? I know I will be.... Life is too short to try to make everyone happy. Kinda selfish but true....
vanna1231 vanna1231 18-21, F 1 Response Oct 5, 2010

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i think its spelled hypocrite lol.... But yeah, I am seriously living life for me now and not anyone else and IT FEELS EVER SO WONDERFUL! Its sad that it had to take seeing who my real friends are to finally figure it out! But whatever, everything happens for a reason and its better this way.