Black Men Are Far Superior

Last night as my wife was playing with my small penis in my panties, she told me that she feels that black men are far superior to white men. I told her that I agree totally and would like her to take black lovers.

razvratnayapara razvratnayapara
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7 Responses Mar 13, 2010

She should go for it and ideally have black babies.

my wife has had many black lovers and she will agree that they are so much better at *******.

white women want/need the best sex and white men cant do that. Black men r superior in all physical aspects and u cant resist BBC!

well said...we are there to serve you and your lovers

There by far the best for white wives,and all you hubbys will be surprized how much you will enjoy cleaning her and her black bull!!!!!

i agree as well. my ex gfs would go with black lovers and me and my tiny tool could never compete. i enjoyed it maybe as much as them!

I too agree with your wife.

I understand these feelings. It is not a simple thing.