It Is Amazing How Peaceful And Welcoming Tea Party Participants Are

It wasn't a "tea party" event per se, but it was a function with many tea party friendly people in attendence. It was a book signing a couple years ago I attended for Mark Levin's book at. The Book Review in Huntington, Long Island, New York. A couple years ago now. The people within the store (customers) they were very polite, intelligent, peaceful, focused on doing what is needed for the country where there is and will be pain for all of us, not just a token few within society. They are real patriots for having the courage to do what is right regardless of what others in society think and feel at this point in history when we are nearly $16 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt. Many people are very angry at the tea party because the naysayers are scared of tea party proposals, their numbers of people in their movement and they are afraid of the tea parties success at the voting booths. I sincerely appreciate the tea party for doing what is right in the face of much opposition from the many naysayers.
46-50, M
Jun 15, 2012