It's A Bad Thing, But Neccesary

There is only one rule when I fight: I win.
It isn't the best thought, but true. So I don't fight, there isn't many reasons to. War happens when two people or forces with the same rule have a conflict. Usually it is a mistake -I bet everytime it is a series of mistakes but I don't know everything. Sometimes it is a corrupt superpower trodding on the weak and defenseless.
I am at war. Unfortunately it is just me, but I know the same war is fought by others. My mistake is ignorance. Their mistake is greed and corruption. They thought they won, and in their unimaginable power they are almost right. But, they took my whole kingdom, and don't realise I have nothing to lose nor do they know my rule.
I don't know if I'll win, they have so much power and protection. But, like a little flea, I'll bite their ***** untill they can't sit still. Also, I hold to my rule; for me, for my family, for my daughter, and for my community.
It's me against the US, but one way or another I will win.
hellimus hellimus
26-30, M
Sep 20, 2012