Ainol Novo 7 Tornado On

Lately more and more people use tablet PC because of its lightweight appearance and convenience. There are so many expensive and cheap tablet series. Ainol series are gradually catching up with other popular brands. What tablets PC people would like to purchase? I believe you will like the Ainol Novo 7 Tornado if you have used it.

Ainol Novo 7 Tornado has typical white and appearance. It supports multi-language and WIFI. You also need to notice that you can try to download latest firmware if WIFI is not good for use like what others say. It also supports 3G various format of video and audio, ebook, touch input, 0.3MP camera, browser and other software that all tablets PC will have.

It will run smoothly and be more accelerated because of its android 4.0 and high cost-effective, which is gospel for people who are not so rich to buy Apples. Even some people is too poor to purchase tablet PC so it is of course a best choice for them to buy it.

The Ainol Novo 7 Tornado is one of high cost-effective tablet PC in China. Here are its advantages. Firstly, all network games can be downloaded to play and run smoothly. The battery is more durable compared with other brands. Secondly, internet speed is quite fast and it has high sensitivity of the touch screen. Thirdly, it has cheap price and good performance.

Ainol pays more attention to its appearance design and perfect system menus, configuration screen, high-definition video playback and increased more functionality. Please go to if you are interested in such perfect tablet PC.
qiangqiangshijie qiangqiangshijie
Dec 5, 2012