Negative People.

i cant believe these people who go out of their way to interfear in other peoples lives just because they feel they are so much better then the person they are trying to put down,people go through life doing what ever they need to just to make time fly,but what gets me is these always someone who has to make themselves heard,and noticed and they use whatever they can to try and make you feel worhless for doing something your happy with that does not sit right with them,the way i see it,if you are happy and you are not hurting anyone  then do as you please as its your life,we cant all be perfect but these no such thing as perfece cause in are own little way we all love some thing about are selves.So try not to get caught up with all the people who just cant seem to take a intreast in their own life,and take no notice and do as you please,you cant help the fact  that these people who love to look for any excuse to make themselves look big and better then you,just remember it aint you who has the problem its the person whos pointing it out,people who hate are insecure and people pleasers and full of envy they are the ones who need to be seen and heard,so when you come across a hater dont give them your time cause,9 times out of 10 it will be gossip about someone you know and these far better people out their who are not bad minded,so love yourself no matter what who cares if that person does not like this and that about you,just smile and leave them to their bitterness.

nuttyrocker nuttyrocker
26-30, F
Jul 17, 2010