Sad and Lonely

today i was so lonely i goggled the word lonely. this website was one of the hits... so i joined. sometimes i think i am the loneliest person on earth. my dad was always my best friend but he died in 2005 my mom got real sick and while i was taking care of her my boyfriend of 8 years cheated on me. she died in 2007 and after she died i left him. i had to leave behind my two dogs. one was 5 and the other was 7 and i miss them everyday. i don't speak to my ex at all. i had just turned 30 and my dr. told me i needed to have a hysterectomy so now i'll never have kids. i've got some friends but none i'm close to and my family is distant. i keep telling myself things will get better. i hope i'm right. it can't rain forever!

waltermitty waltermitty
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2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

believe me when I say it, no mater what always think positive! I'm sure many people say that but its true. Perhaps you can spend some quality time with the friends you have and try to make the connection you need so you can tell yourself you do have some close friends! I wont say I understand but I can say,I can only imagine how hard it his to go through what your going through and that in these times it is good to keep close to the family you do have and make friends you feel you can trust!<br />
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I really hope I was helpful,if you'd like to talk or ask anything,I'd be more than happy to help out!

i feel for u i lost my dad a year today and he was my world if u need a friend im here for u just get in touch ur not alone love tracy