No Point

There's no point in cheating. If you love someone, you be loyal and respectful, and do everything you can to keep their trust. If you don't love them, and don't have enough respect for them to stay loyal and faithful, then you leave. I understand everyone has their particular circumstances, but it's never acceptable to me. I would never do that...I can't imagine the pain that would cause the person I love. And I do any and everything I can to make sure that he is never hurt. It would kill me if I knew that I'm reason he lost his perfect and gorgeous smile.
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4 Responses Apr 14, 2012

I could tell you a story about how this woman got revenge on her hubby for cheating and abusing her, but it is twisted

Yes very well said and straight to the point. If you love someone why on earth would you want to hurt them. Yes I understand things happen but we are in control of what happens there is no such thing as it just happened. That's bull things happen because we want things to happen. Yes from time to time we do hurt the one's we love that is also normal but we do not do it on purpose.

WOW, wish every girl thinks like you, this world will become a heaven......GOD BLESS YOU...



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