Soooo Many Opportunities

I've been with my husband for 9 years now, we've only been married for 2 years and I 've had many opportunities to cheat on him and by that I mean offers, men have approached me knowing I am married and they really don't care. Our marriage is like most we have our awesome times and our not so awesome times but through it all I have never cheated on him and don't believe I ever could, the guilt would just eat me up, to cause someone pain like that just for my own pleasure. Most people who cheat are very selfish and don't really understand the damage it causes the person being cheated on. Everyone I know who has been cheated on always have the same questions why? I'm I not good enough? they begin to have trust issues that always affects their next relationship it really is a bad cycle to be in. People really need to be more honest with each other and stop playing so many games, life would be so much easier with out the games. I'm no where near perfect and I know temptation is super hard to resist but I can honestly say "I Aint the Cheating Kind". 

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D thanks for reading my story I have to disagree some I think sex is a big part of a healthy relationship and I feel thats why so many people cheat because they are very sexually frustrated and can't or don't get what they need from their partner not saying it's ok to cheat but I think thats why it happens so much

SoD yes I agree with you I really wish people would take time to think about that.

he's lucky to have you, as you are him! it really is simple, at one point in time you loved this person enough to marry, to have kids with, and to spend the rest of your days why would you ever hurt someone that you thought so highly of? regardless of what they do to you, i'd suggest taking the higher road.