The Up And The Down

The bottom of the hole,you know ,that place where the shovel is worn out and you are in so deep that the lite can;t even reach you ! You made it ! This is that place that the non addicted people write about.Its the end of the yellow brick road,the path to happiness,but where are the steps,the elevator,the rope the ladder. Thats what you forgot when you packed for this trip.You forgot to get the round trip ticket,your screwed !!
And so,just like in the movies you start to climb. Along the way you meet a person that says I'm your friend and I can help.So you rest. I will never forget you my friend,and you start climbing again.Still no lite!You look down and you can see the bottom,but not the top,and you meet someone that says I am your friend.And so you rest!
I 'm not going to cont because I'm the drunk. Thats me hanging on the side of the hole that I dug.I have set out ten times to climb,each time meeting a friend and resting. Some of my friends were on the way up and some were on there way down.Each one had something to give and each had something to take.
When I rested with my last friend I asked why is the bottom still so close and the top so far away.Oh,thats not the bottom,your friends have been filling in the hole as you climb. (korny)
To any one that should happen to read this.As korny as it may sound,it is all true. It does not matter how you meet your friends,It only matters that you do.
AA, EP,church,re-hab.Just find someone to talk to.And by the way,I've never met a normal person
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,I've never met a normal person LMAO
not Korny at all, keep reaching and look toward the direction you want to go

I like this. You're a good writer. Another day and I've done my meditation. This is something I do every morning for about 20 minutes. It is an action that anchors me. When my mind turns to drink lately all I want to do is cry. THIS IS GOOD!! May be some day I'll get beyond this. My bar was pretty low. It's always puzzles me how I could get so "F"ing low. I hope I've missed living on the streets because that's where I'm headed if I drink. Thanks for your story.