I Always Feel Like I Dont Belong

i seem to do it all the time i say the wrong thing or when im doing well brag to much even in my head im telling my self to shut up. ive just started a new job and i seem to be the only one that dosent share the same intersests as every one else and i dont want to hang about out side work with them. i am a loud and fun loving guy like going out with my friends to the pub and things but im 28 and i work with people that are aged between 20 and 39 only a few are over my age and i get on fine with them but the younger ones as i dont laff at there jokes or tell the same stories or get plasterd every nite they seem to want to pick on me as im doing well in my job. i just want to go to work sit down get on with it without other people commenting or picking fun at what i say to customers or what i do i get the results but they seem to still want to take the mick, i can hande my self in  fight well trained ive been working or anger problems for  years so when  i get faced with some one taking the **** out of me i used to just fly at them but now i dont know what to do as i go quite and reatreat in to my self that getts picked on as well but i dont want to be that angry man any more and when i try to confront some one the words come out wrong and starts and argument is it to much just to say i like the friends ive got i dont want or need any more.

its just me im not easy to get on with i hate my self
danny0781 danny0781
Jul 22, 2010