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K, well, i'm 13, i don't turn 14 till October 2nd, my name's Austin, i like a lot of music, i like shot guns, i like animals, my favorite animal is a cat, any types of kittens, are just so cute, i kinda have a dark side, and a good side, i'm not goth, but i like to wear a lot of black, i'm huge fan of anime, i like to write, i like sports, i like video gaming, my favorite gaming is just dance, i kinda dance, i'm new here, i like to draw, most of them i keep a secret because there kinda evil looking... and my friend says its not evil, that it looks really cool, but to me, i could give a little girl nightmares, i'm kinda depressed, i'm shy, i don't ever talk, unless its with my friend, (she's awesome) i'm single, i don't know much about people, i like any type of music, i could name millions of music i like, but i'm not, if you want, just ask me, um, i have brown hair, blue eyes, i'm 8.6, i play basketball, and if you have any questions, just shoot, and ask, and i'm not gay or bi, just letting you know that now, so if were talking, and you ask me that, it won't become awkward...
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Blue eyes! That means your a mutant! :-0


It's meant to be a compliment

And...a mutant! D-: ..but yea unique


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