At Last I've Done It.

In spite of my posts in the past, I had never been to a nudist resort, gathering or other such. Well I finally found a resort about 60km (thats 37 miles} from my home and talked a friend who is also a home nudist into joining me (ulterior motive can't go on my own). Off we set early on a Saturday morning and duly arrived. As soon as we were booked in and had been taken to our room, we immediately ******** off and went to join the other guests and the manager all of whom were adhering to the rule of the house "adults shall at all times be naked". Wow what an experience to finally be in the company of like minded people as natural as you like. Just behaving as people would at any resort sitting and moving about enjoying each other's company inter reacting having some laughs, so ordinary with the one difference - nudity. For someone like me it was an awesome weekend (we had to come home Sunday my pal still works). For instance a simple example, Getting up Sunday morning and simply opening the door and going outside without having to worry about stupid things like gowns - terrific! I'm already trying to figure a way to go again.
wrinkly wrinkly
66-70, M
Jan 20, 2013