Children And Sex

Please bear with me and read through this. I must perforce give some background. This is absolutely factual.
In this country, we have a law called 'The Protection of Children Act' which seeks to protect children in all aspects of of their lives, including their sex lives exposure to *********** etc.
One clause of the Act made it a criminal offence for children aged 12 to 16 inclusive to engage in sexual intercourse even consensual and also criminalised the failure of any adult to take action to prevent subsequent occurences should they become aware of or suspect such intercourse of taking place.
now the current part of the story. A non-governmental agency who were set up to further protect children took an application to a High Court. I must digress t9o explain our judicial system briefly, we have several layers the lowest being Magistrates Courts then High Courts then The Supreme Court of Appeal and finally the Constitutional Court who are the ultimate arbiters there is no appeal of their decisions. If (as in the current case) a Judge in a High (also called Superior) Court makes a ruling it is automatically binding on every court and person throughout the land unless overturned by a Judge or panel of Judges in a higher court than that in which it was made. Well this application which sought to overturn the one clause of the Child Act on the ground that it infringed the rights of children to make their own considered decisions and also that it was unconstitutional. The Judge who heard the case agreed and despite the government opposing he ruled that the clause of the Act be struck down and cease to be of validity. The result is that right now children in the age group may have consensual sex with each other and nobody can stop them! My question how would you react if your 13 year old and her 14 year old bf were screwing their heads off and you were legally powerless to stop them. Also if there are any legal eagles out there what is your reaction to the situation
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Jan 24, 2013