Being Color Blind

I am not fully color blind just enough not to be able to know what most colors are
from others or just seeing a lot of gray or mostly black.
People do not understand why i wear sun glasses most of the time even when they do not think the sun is that bright. If people only knew how sensitive my eyes are to the sun. I had a person come up to me and look at me and say you must think you are one of those bad boys that some women talk about. I just look at the person and say yea i use to be one of those bad boys until i got older
and got enough brains to stop being that way. I guess once you look that way you always look like a bad boy no matter how much you try to look different.
When i first meet my friends and they found out that i am color blind it ended up
being a game to them for a very short time when the realized just how color blind i really am then it was not a game to them any longer and they would say man that must really suck and i would tell them that i would not know if it sucked
or not do to i have been color blind all my life.
Hearwegoagain Hearwegoagain
51-55, M
Jan 17, 2013