Its The Dutch Way To Str ip You Of Everything!

They are a nation of Pimps !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and everyone around them is a working prostitute .... that is why Joyce Poorter was always telling me to prostitute my way through life ... that is the Dutch way.

I seen Dutch people do that to my mother and father in 80s

I seen my sisters first husband do that to our whole family

and the Joyce Poorter did it to me and my father as well

they are the type to see you literally living on the street while they waltz past you in their refinery

they are the type to take the last spoonful of food out of your mouth, take your house from under you and rob you

of everything

the Dutch are specialists at stealing other peoples personalities also, they will like what you like even if they really hate it just to out do you.

every Dutch person I have known has no real personality of their own

they will copy everything the people around them do to get the upper hand and see you sink to hell

its the Dutch way to walk over you and leave you in the gutter for someone else to have pick up the pieces

Filipinos are much the same

really the Dutch and the Filipinos should get together and kill the world.

that is why the Irish do not really get on with the Dutch... because traditionally the Irish have too much stubborn pride and catholic guilt and they will literally live in poverty for years for either country, the same with the Russians and some other cultures... the Chinese are too honourable and the Germans are too stubborn and full of pride also...

the Dutch were born to destroy all other countries and cultures.... that is the Dutch way.. to take down people around them.
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1 Response May 19, 2012 I know what its like the have people do this kind of thing to you .. its scary . somehow they got into the house while we did a baby show in 2000 and ran sacked the house. this has happened before to me. they play these satanic ritual evil games. I am sure my relatives as well have done this on wicca stuff on me... ok there is a lot of wicked people who have hurt me and I don't know enough about this wicca stuff all I know is I have evidence that it has been done on me.. and someone has been abusing me for far too long. its got to stop. its driving me insane... what they have done has given me and too many people in my family a server mental disorder ... and we just don't trust anyone now.