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Learned It From The Old School

I was taught at an early age to always treat women and girls like ladies, unless given a reason not to. My dad has always been the type to lead by example, and I saw proof of it when I watched how he treated her, my sisters, and any females that he encountered during his outings. Only once did he ever think about going against his teachings; the woman who raised my mom came to visit, and all she ever did was put my mom down to the point of making her cry every time. It took a great deal of self control on my dad's part to resist the urge of beating the crap out of her because of how she was treating my mom, but he succeeded. That visit was also when my mom had reached her breaking point and stood up to her.

43 years later (44 in September), my dad still treats her like the lady she is. It's a lesson that my brother and I will teach our sons (I have 2 sons, he has one). In fact, I've already started teaching my two year old. I took this same approach with one of my nephews when he was the same age, and before I knew it, he's holding doors heavier than him open for any female he saw coming towards the door. Now he's 17, and has the same old school values, thanks to his mom (my sister) and dad, my parents, and myself and one of my female friends.
BLACKTIGER75 BLACKTIGER75 36-40, M May 19, 2012

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