We Admire Them Who Treat Us Like Ladies

Treating a woman like a Lady makes us adore you guys. We love you just as much when you come across like a gent. You have great deal of power over us and will melt in your arms when you treat us nice with respect. We will submit to you with our heart, soul and mind.

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I agree but being some what older, I have been brought up to treat all women like ladies.

Then why is it so hard for a nice guy to find and keep a good woman? Women want the excitement of having an edgy bad boy not the dependable man that treats them with absolute love and respect.

No woman should EVER have to say it. EVER!

love your story your thoughts are very true Love Millie
would love to be your friend

Absolutely women should be treated as ladies and with the utmost respect!

A point well taken, good advice.

I agree. All women should be treated with respect.

well written !!!


I agree with you. My wife gets treated like a princess every day (unless she doesn't want to be, then I call her my slutty princess), and she would tell you the same thing. I am a firm believer that chivalry is not dead; I know women can open doors for themselves...but they shouldn't have to if a man is close by. I believe a real man puts his wife and family first and treats them with respect and love at all times. You can be mad at some one and still treat them with love and respect.

I treat all people with respect male or female.I like to be treated back like that in the same way:)

Well of course! Only way to treat a women is with respect!!! Unless they are being naughty but that's something totally different. <br />
But not all women want to be treated like a lady. Hold the door and I get a dirty look... but I do it anyway.

Awesome point!

I agree about that being a beautiful thought... If only it were true. By nature I am a kind, cheerful, caring, person who treats women with respect and treats them positively like women, as equals. My nature however has not been very attractive to women, as here I am in my 30's, never having experienced love and rapidly becoming more and more disillusioned with women in general. <br />
<br />
I see flashes of hope at the moment, I hope it is finally going to lead to something nice.

I was rasied to treat any lady with respect, and on top of the respect , open doors for them, hold chairs, serve the lady first, let her go first. Maybe old fashioned but I will aways respect and treat a women with the respect they deserve. It is just courteous and respectful which is what they deserve.

Not old fashioned, honey----it reflects a culture that is collapsing before our eyes. Love Noelle

I can't treat a woman any other way. When I open a profile of a woman wanting to be degraded (first of all I never believe those are women, but dudes pretending) I wouldn't know what to say. When I see what others have typed I am put off. I shall never post a disrespectful comment on your threads.

I agree. l love to treat women as ladies and show them chivilry isnt dead and there are a few gentleman left ! you rock xo

We are a dying breed unfortunately but couldn't agree more...

It is an honor to treat person with respect and dignity.....including treating a woman as a lady.<br />
<br />
Very well said...

I think it all goes back to our Mother's, in my case a very strong and wonderful person who was way ahead of her time in business and family. We were raised in the south and we tend to be a little more polite. In my case I have always been taught to treat all women with respect and to be attentive to them. It has always scored points for me and I really like the fact that there are times that I think I am the only male who will open a car door for her or the door to the restaurant, stand when she either leaves or joins the table. It may sound hokey but good manners are always in style.

Nice to hear such mature words like that coming from such a young woman make a man like me think there is hope for nice guys!!

I'm glad to see there are women out their that still believe in manners, polite conduct and the title of gentlemen. It's rare I meet a woman these days who does, you've given me hope ladies; thank you.

Thank you for compliments, I think we need a change in our outlook on how we view each other. I find many men on EP with an appealing persona. There are always exception in each gender. Thank you for your comment here and in the form of replies to other comments.

I wouldn't completely trust all persona's on social networking sites, even EP will have people on it we wouldn't leave our children with. I hope you find the man that makes you feel like the lady you know you are.

Sigh ... to me, one of the unique pleasures of being a Gentleman IS treating a lady like a lady and letting her know how special she is and how special that makes me feel :)

From looking at my profile .. some would come to the conclusion that I am a perv :)

Guilty, Goddamnit!!! And Proud of it :)

Yep, you are right, you are a perv.. so stick with it. lol

I endeavor to please, dear lady :)

it's true,nothing says more for a man then the way they conduct them self to words women to many guys my own age and younger seem to have no manners what so ever

Very true sister, many younger guys have no respect nor knows how to treat a woman, most of them are judgmental

100% agree,

oh god...those are just my thoughts... very few guys actually know how to treat us.

I married a lady and in my twenty five years of marriage have never treated her otherwise. During this time I have never raised a hand in anger,we run our marriage as a team. She calls me her "Rock",having gone through difficult times together. The day I married her,she was my little princess and still is to this day.

I'm a firm believer that a person's actions can be attributed to the noteable differences between rearing and breeding!

I was raised to respect all...and to be a Gentleman. That also means treating women like a Lady. It is old school...but it is ingrained within me.

Well said. Some of the behavior I see on EP and in the real world just surprises me (now I sound old). Hopefully my comments, where sometimes are risque, don't overtly offend the fairer sex.

Equally well said....for you and me both.

I must agree with you 100%. ALWAYS treat a lady with respect. I get angry at men who convince their significant other to try all manner of sexual acts then turn around and brand them as "*****" and/or "******" after doing it.

**You have great deal of power over us and will melt in your arms when you treat us nice with respect. We will submit to you with our heart, soul and mind.**<br />
<br />
oh if only that was always true..............i try to be respectful to my lady friends at all times and consider myself to be a bit of an old-fashioned gent. however, the "bad boys" always seem to win in the end. or am i mixing with the wrong girls ;)

Good conversation. I agree with a lot of it. Hard to find though.

What is hard to find, Jessica? Would like to know what's going on with you, if you care to write to me in private.

my grandfather taught me to respect women and i still do to this day -yes i have had women who don't like me to open doors for them or hold out a seat for them or offer a had as they exit my car -there are many that do like it still and i get smiles of approval from them.

Always good to treat a lady well.

This should be a given... No exeptions, no excuses.

SunnyBelle, I have enjoyed reading your posts and comments on your subject, "treat ladies with respect"! I have done this all my life. Why? I don't know it was not taught to me. Let me clarify here. I have been gentlemanly, kind, attentive. There is another side that lurks. In my marriages, three, is where the worst of me comes out. The real point I want to make though is the fact your see through top, for me anyway, conjures up thoughts of less respect. I have always had trouble with this type of image. Mixed message? are you wanting respect or lust? I am not meaning to be offensive. I just wanted you to know this man's thinking.. Great topic and I truly do agree with you..

glad some woman still appreciate a gentlemen

I agree. Being a gentleman will get you much further than being an a$$. I want a man who can treat me respectfully and like a lady when it's appropriate, but has no problem treating me like a dirty **** when the moment is right.

i totally agree with you!! i also think that all women deserve to have someone compliment them and make them feel good about being a woman! you lovely ladies here on ep and worldwide are the key to life, may bod bless you all!

Amen!... a woman should be treated like the lady she deserves to be!

i really h8 those guy who thinks were **** machines like hey babe i want to ******* put my **** in your thight ***** ... **** you man who the **** cares

Treating a woman like a lady is not a problem for me. It's when a lady stops acting like a lady that get's me. Then, she's one of the guys and should be treated as such. But for those that act like a lady, they will get my special attention.

However I loved Jerry Halls comment on how a Lady should behave.<br />
<br />
"Be a ***** in the Bedroom and a Lady everwhere else"<br />
<br />
Marvelous advice.

I'm okay with Jerry Halls comment but hate his poor choice of word "*****" Can't you guys come up with something more pleasant to us women? Thank you for both of your comments, appreciate them.

Must admit to having a Feeling of Pride in trying to always be a gentleman.<br />
<br />
My Wonderful Father was a great example.<br />
<br />
From simple Gestures like Opening a Door or offering your seat to a Lady or Elderly person to offering to drive people to the Airport.<br />
<br />
I strive to try and be like him.<br />
<br />
I remember one of his Quotes that I have in turn shared with my Twin Boys. "If a Lady bestows a Favour on you never let even your best Friend know about it. It is special and should remain that way"<br />
<br />
I hope they in turn Carry on the Tradition of being a Gentleman.

Please expand on "If a Lady bestows a Favour on you never let even your best Friend know about it." I have to agree if what I think what your father mean by the word "Favor"

Bonnie,<br />
Each woman is an individual work of art and deserves nothing less than respect and lofty admiration!<br />
<br />
Will you befriend me so we can talk further?<br />
<br />

I always treat my wife like lady! I always open the door for her, pull her chair out for her when we are in a restaurant, etc... She does almost anything for me (hee, hee), so I do the best I can to reciprocate and show how much I love her.

Hey Girl...You tell it..I think I will post something similar just to reiterate your thoughts.

We all submit to a guy when he praises us and worship us. Don't we?

My husband is a true gentlemen! For us it is two words, love and respect!

I like that, You are wonderful man. You got the right mojo towards women. Welcome.

You are so right! Treat us like ladies and you will never regret it.

All women should be treated in that way, with respect. Open the door when she approaches and all the good manners

Thank you, are a gentle man.

@1changingheart, you lost me in your last couple of lines, please clarify.

The rule I follow is<br />
Treat all ladies like ladies.<br />
Be a gentleman.<br />
Rigorous honesty<br />
(unless ti hurts some one, then chose your words carefully)<br />
<br />
Out and about in public I have no problem with peaple.

Good to hear from you my dear Michael. You are so right and you are one of those whom we admire and desire so much.

Thank you Snowberry, if we ask for respect we will get it, there are many men out there who just get it that we are there for them and all we ask is little humility and TLC.

Agreed. :D

I'm in complete agreement with you on this one. Great Post!!

Agree, in principle. The difficulty comes in how a woman defines what it means to be a lady. Is there a universal understanding, by all women, on what a lady is and that all women want to be that kind of person. I think the reality is that different women define "being a lady" differently. This implies that being a lady is different than being female (adult female = woman, young female = girl). I would also postulate that not all women want to be treated as a "female," some preferring to be "male-ish." So where does that get us? How can all women be treated as ladies? What is the standard?

I know, isn't it great. Simple really.

When a woman respects herself as a lady, she should receive that same respect from others (women and men). When a woman disregards herself as being a lady, sometimes by giving her that respect (in spite of herself) will help to reinstate her 'lady-ness'; however, sometimes it doesn't. Here is to hoping that all women would be ladies.

Sally54 makes a good point in stating that <i>"many women don't behave like ladies"</i><br />
<br />
I once held a door open for a woman carrying a lot of shopping. <br />
She looked at me as if I'd just kicked her cat and said 'I'm not totally useless you know?'<br />
I replied 'I'm so sorry, I thought you were a lady' and let the door go.<br />
<br />
But that one rude person didn't deter me from holding doors open for women afterwards.

I have had the same experiance with opening a door only to be scolded with a bitter responce

Hi Sally, when men do all those things you mentioned, they get a big smile out of us, thank you gesture. Next time we see them, we think of him as a gentleman and allow him approach us to make a small convo. Woman who don't behave like ladies are brought up differently than the one in a urbane family. Some of thing don't need to be taught, it just come naturally. A decent man will get more than just our attention if he shows patience and knows how to handle a woman. Right?

This is very true and it is part of what love is..... To love someone you need to respect and treat them like the Queen that they are and then it is up to them to return the love to you or not... <br />
<br />
Great Post Bonnie...

Good to hear from you Sunshine, been a while. Hope you are doing well and keeping our EP male friends content.

Philcoaz, I try my best to give you guys as much happiness as I can over the EP. As for me, I really don't need any materialist things , I may be not rich with $$ but I have a rich heart, money can't buy. Speaking of flowers, even if you bring me wild flowers and put them in my hair, that will be great, its the thought that counts. Taking a deep breath inhaling the scent of those beautiful flowers you have for me. Thank you, thank you. Holds your hands and kisses on you.

i think all women are ladies untill they prove me wrong ! i like to open doors for them , light their cigs, bring flowers, compliment them , and admire them for who they are. Nothing better was put on earth than a woman -one who is sweet ,carings , loving and passionate!My hat is off to all the ladies out there -please smile and make our world a better place

Well then I will be sure to do that, wish I could do that now to be honest ! I agree though Bonnie make a woman feel special and wanted, you will get her entire heart !! Women are god's best creation and deserve the utmost repsect !! Thank you for sharing this, it is beautiful my friend !!

Of course Michelle!! the lady who wear the pants in the relation should treat the lady in the dress with utmost respect, love, admiration and honor. As you said.. a good motto to live by for all. A kiss in the morning to your female partner with a whisper "You Are Beautiful" will bring smiles all day along on her face. She would do anything for you.

All weomen nee to be appreciated and when they are beautifully ressed and made up they are attractive to everyone an make my day<br />
Love from Priscellia

Does this include lesbians too Bonnie ? I always treat my lady like a lady !! Give respect and get respect... a good motto to live by !!

Joe, thank you that you treat a lady with all the respect in the world. Wish there are more men like you, love feeds love, admiration feeds love, respect feeds love and smile feeds smile. Be happy and make her happy too. She will support you in everything there is, in your career, in your life, in your prosperity.<br />
<br />
More power to you.

a ladies smile is always rewarding and makes us appreciate being next to a beautiful woman.<br />
Love from Priscellia

I have nothing against being adored :) but am wary of submission. Probably just semantics! I like to meet the women in my life as equals.

Respect for a person as a individual, even though we may have some differing opinions on certain subjects, should be a natural human instinct, no matter what the gender. Nowhere is it more important, imperative in my opinion, than between a man and a woman. Unfortunately it isn't, in many cases. But not in mine. I hold the female gender in the highest regards. And Bonnie, you may think we have a great deal of power over you and that may be true. As a guy, I can't look at that from a woman's perspective. This is a subject that I could discuss at length, but in the end, Bonnie, it's you girls who have the ultimate power over us guys. And I'm not complaining, one bit. Girl Power is an incredible thing. The only thing that equals it is being under it, from a male's point of view, anyway. We guys are lucky to have women to balance us out. Women are remarkable creatures that give the world style, class and grace where men, to a large extent, can be barbarians who go around doing pretty much what (or who) they want or what they can get away with. You girls bring us down to earth and give us shape and direction. I hate to use the old adage "Tame the savage beast", but there... I used it.<br />
For whatever that's worth to you.

Terri, you are k okay. You are one of my favorites. You treat me with respect and honor. You open up to me and we share stories and events of our lives. Would love to hold you in my bosom.

<br />
and yes part of that is<br />
WOMEN want and deserve RESPECT

I agree that a lot of people want respect but sometimes people need to earn it.

WOMEN <br />
regardless of CELIBANT and/or LESBIAN <br />
and/or<br />
<br />
will NOT TOLERATE less... !!!<br />
<br />
However, <br />
it is most commonly found in the "hetero society"<br />
and it done by hetero CRIMINAL males!!!<br />
<br />
So... good point you make!!!<br />
<br />
it is NOT the GAY MEN committing RAPE!!!<br />
NOR are they COMMITTING VIOLENCE in other<br />
against FEMALE LIVES<br />
<br />
that IS ACTION primarily ORCHESTRATED<br />
by the heinous male predators in the hetero GROUP!!!<br />
<br />
AND again<br />
it is the same PREDATORS in the USA<br />
that are ASSAULTING<br />
and WHY are these HEINOUS hetero males<br />
FEMALE involved with them <br />
<br />
<br />
Same as the WHITE SUPREMISTS<br />
against Rosa PARKS!!!<br />
IN HER DAY!!!<br />
<br />
SHE SAID<br />
NO WAY<br />
NONE,<br />
<br />
<br />
YOU make a GREAT POINT!!!<br />
<br />
THOUGH you know<br />
EVEN SO<br />
REAL Men<br />
WHETHER Celibant<br />
or are GAY Men<br />
or will GIVE A WOMAN his hand...<br />
<br />
and <br />
<br />
YES most COMMONLY hetero males<br />
against FEMALE LIVES!!!<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
AND those TYPES<br />
long ago DESERVED PRISON terms<br />
without PAROLE!!!<br />
<br />
make it DIFFICULT for THE REAL Men<br />
among us<br />
<br />
PARTLY <br />
due to the CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN<br />
by the hetero CRIMINALS so HEINOUS<br />
makes THE REAL Men<br />
have to SPEND TIME<br />
that has been orchestrated by PRIMARILY hetero CRIME!!!

Although I agree with most of what you've said, I'm curious why you found the need to capitalise some words, leave two lines of blank empty space between valid points and somtimes a paragraph would repeat the one's before it. Your lucky I didn't immediately skip your comment for one of those people often find on youtube proclaiming bad luck or a young girl coming to get you while you sleep. So, your point is valid(partly); I agree, but why this style of writing?

That is a beautiful thought Bonnie, ALL women should be treated as ladies! Hugs, Jennifer