Old Dreams

All through my life I got to see little bits of things that haven't happend yet. They come in my dreams, they're like little movies with funny colors that happen realy fast and they don't make any sence, they just have feelings that come with them, then years later they happen in reality and I remember seeing the events in my dreams but then it's too late because then there in the past and theres nothing I can do or say about it and who would beleive me any way. I know theres been hundreds of these little dream bits but most of them I don't remember because they were meaningless or too insignificant to stand out. When I was realy young, about 3 or 4 years old I had a dream about this friend I would play with, I remember it like the imaginary friend that people say little kids have. We did things like all kids do, run around, play with toys outside in the dirt, watch TV, ect. It was strange because we would talk all the time but we didn't speak, we didn't have to, it was like reading each others mind or was more like we had the same mind or we had the same thoughts all the time. It was strange too because this friend wasn't a little boy or little girl, it was as if it didn't have a sex and it had no name. Maybe it was because at that age sex didn't mean anything or should I say sex had no meaning. As far as it having no name, I think it was because there was no need to call to each other because we knew what the other was thinking as soon as either had a thought. Now that I think back about it, it was definatly a young girl, not only did we share thoughts but we felt phisicaly what the other was feeling. We were two seperate beings but shared the same nervous system. She had dark, allmost black hair with ocean blue eyes, just a little taller than me and skinny, not skeleton skinny just skinny. Then one day I remember being in the house both of us watching TV. There was no actual program on or anything. To us the TV was like looking out of a window, Then suddenly there was something or someone inside the TV and we both felt drawn to the screen, As we moved closer to it she got in front of me and reached out her hand to touch the screen, right then I felt something was terrably wrong then I remember hearing a snapping, poping noise like static electricity and in a flash of blue light she was gone and the screen went dark like someone slammed a door shut. I remember the most horrable feeling like falling realy fast and my skin being ripped off my body all at once and I couldn't breath or I just couldn't get any air then I woke up crying and shaking with the most terrable feeling of loss. I didn't see that little girl again, not untill many years later.
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1 Response Sep 16, 2012

When did you see her again?

I have those same kind of dreams One usually can't know it was important until it happens.

Prophetic dreams can be very difficult to understand especially because you don't know they will come true or be significant until after it is obvious to you. When did you figure out the friend in the dream was your first wife if I may ask.?