Stop Ridin 'em

good friend's son just died on a motorcycle
there were no cars involved
this is an option that needs to be addressed
just as abstinence from sex is an option for prevention of unwanted pregnancies
so abstinence from riding motorcycles is an option for prevention of unwanted motorcycle accidents and deaths of loved ones

a lot of in-your-face stuff comes from Abate
"start seeing motorcycles" signs are everywhere
we know that "not seeing" is not always the case
there are a lot of idiots that ride....not saying everyone

so stop ridin 'em is just as appropriate

motorcycles are for the most part, recreational
they are a seasonal toy just like a boat
some people live their hobby and others do not want anything to do with them
this gives those who dont, an alternative

please join me in supporting stop ridin 'em

stop ridin 'em is a campaign to encourage the absence of riding motorcycles in order to saves lives. Too many motorcyclist have died, been maimed, and destroyed others' lives through motorcycle accidents. is the indiegogo website helping the stop ridin 'em campaign.

thank you

derek reeves

stopridingmotorcycles stopridingmotorcycles
Sep 17, 2012